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Creating a workspace you love

Workspaces. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains largely the same: the amount of time we spend in them. On average, Brits spend 1,795 hours a year at work. That’s 84,365 hours over the course of a lifetime. And, that’s not counting the time spent on side hustles. In short, we spend a lot of hours at work.

So, why not create a workspace we love?

According to Forbes, by having workplaces that are beautiful and interesting, employees become more productive. Whether you are lucky enough to work from home, or whether you work in an office elsewhere, investing in your space will affect positive change not only in your productivity, but also in your mood. In my experience, A Happy Space = A Happy Face.

Read on for my top tips on creating a beautiful and inspiring workspace you love…

Do I love my home office? I do, I do, I do-oooh!

Do I love my home office? I do, I do, I do-oooh!

Choose your colour wisely

It’s no secret that colour can enhance our mood. A bright yellow dress? Always seems to make the day a little sunnier. A slick of red lipstick? Bossing it. But, did you know that the colour on your walls can make or break your performance at work? UK-based fabric designer, Vanessa Arbuthnott put together this handy infographic, breaking down the connotations of eight colours and, more importantly, how they effect our mood. For a serene and calming workspace, which sparks bright ideas, reach for blue tones. My home office is currently accented in Light Blue by Farrow & Ball, which is the most beautiful blue/green/grey—depending on the light. Every time I walk in my office, I can almost feel the sense of calm emanating from my feature wall.

Comfort is key

It’s all fine and well having the prettiest of office chairs but, if it isn’t practical, then what’s the point? A recent study by Health and Work Outcomes, a health research company, found that ergonomically-designed chairs contributed to an 18% increase in productivity. Of course, practical doesn’t have to mean boring. There are some beautiful, ergonomic designs available on the market; head to, Wayfair and IKEA, and you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Who knew comfort could be so good looking…?

Who knew comfort could be so good looking…?

Bring the outside in 🌿

According to NASA, houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin in just 24 hours. Couple this with the fact that indoor plants have been proven to improve concentration, boost productivity, reduce stress levels, and lift your mood, and it’s no wonder they’re perfect for your workspace. If you can get away with it, perk up your desk with a plant; not only will it make you smile, but it’ll regulate humidity and increase levels of positivity. If, like me, you’re a serial plant killer, opt for easy-care varieties, such as sansevierias, and those with waxy leaves, like Aloe Vera and Rubber Plants.

Plants make people happy. Fact.

Plants make people happy. Fact.

Make it personal

What use is your workspace if it isn’t intrinsically you? For all the trends in the world, there is zero point in following them if it doesn’t (as Marie Kondo will have us believe) spark joy. Whether you’ve a thing for antiques, or a yearning for art, pepper your workspace with things you love. For me, this translates as typography prints; little nautical-themed trinkets that remind me of my close proximity to the sea, and the most extra copper magazine rack you’ve ever seen. And, you know what? They make me happy. And that, dear readers, is the secret to creating a workspace you love…

Do you love your workspace as much as I do? Share your stories of why your workspace makes you smile in the comments, below, or Tweet me @nclmullencomms.

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