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An ode to the Bakerloo line

Dear Bakerloo Line,

I wanted to write a little note to say how much I appreciate you. At least someone does. I'm sure, of course, there are other people like me, but sometimes I feel like there aren't. Thousands of shoes trample upon your floors, and probably just as many bottoms squash your seats. I must admit that you do look a little haggard sometimes. Your advertisement posters aren't quite up to scratch; your retro wallpaper peels off, unwanted, on the walls.

I like the way you ignore the frustrated sighs, and angry cries, of impatient passengers though. It does make me chuckle. You chug along quite merrily at your own pace, squeaking every now and again as your wheels take the brunt of a sharp turn. You remind me of a place far away from where you frequent. You remind me of Tyne and Wear. Of our wonderful, canary yellow Metro with its facing seats and grubby appearance. You do your job just fine. Who cares if you aren't quite as high tech as the Victoria line or as shiny as the Jubilee?

I first became acquainted with you shortly after my big move to the Capital. I lived in Southwark but would often take the short walk along The Cut to Waterloo to avoid the rush hour madness of your silver companion. I never did fancy being squashed in like a sardine. Conveniently, you were always less of a squeeze and more of a novelty. My journey to university during first year is filled with fond memories of hop, skip and jumping across the gap at Waterloo, and into a warm, plush seat.

You see, that's why I love you so much, Bakerloo. You're full of niceties. You're always ever so polite. You announce my arrival softly. And, whether it's Regent's Park or Charing Cross, you're full of useful tips. Not everyone knows to catch a bus to the zoo but, lo and behold, you kindly inform our stricken tourists. I sometimes wish the Northern line could take a leaf out of your book. So harsh, that one, especially once you get to Balham.

But they could never be quite like you. Not the Northern, Central, Jubilee or even that fancy schmancy new Emirates Airline. You'll always hold a special place in my heart, Bakerloo. Your walls may be forgotten about, and your concourses may not be all that, but you always do make me smile.

Sending my love,


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