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✨ Launching Sparkle! ✨

In a trendy cocktail bar on Newcastle’s Quayside, edible glitter is being sprinkled on many a cupcake; twinkling gems are being carefully laid out alongside make-up brushes, and one very sparkly lady is putting the final touches to an array of brightly-coloured gift bags. For one night only, Tiger Hornsby has been transformed into a sea of sparkle – and for very good reason.

Last night saw the launch of The Laura Currer Sparkle Foundation – a brand-new initiative designed to help those who have suffered trauma, illness or tragedy to get their sparkle back. The brainchild of Newcastle-based entrepreneur, Laura Currer, the Sparkle Foundation offers members access to events, activities, adventures and a community of individuals – all connected by their experiences.

Guests on the night were treated to prosecco and sparkly cupcakes, as they mingled with everyone from the Trustees of the Sparkle Foundation, to Laura’s own family and friends, and supporters of the initiative from across the public and private sectors. Bright and bubbly, Laura made time to chat to each group, bringing her own sparkle in the form of a silver sequinned skirt paired with a dazzling smile.

Laura Currer launches The Sparkle Foundation © John Millard

Laura Currer launches The Sparkle Foundation © John Millard

The audience listened intently as Laura told her own story of trauma, and how her personal experience of statutory services seemed only to focus on the traumatic event – and not on Laura as a person. A few tears were shed as Laura detailed her utter determination to find herself again. And, through the Sparkle Foundation, how she hopes to help others who have experienced any kind of traumatic event to find solace, happiness and, most importantly, themselves again.

A rapturous applause ensued before guests were invited to “get their sparkle on” in the form of glitter face-painting. Guests were given the choice of the sparkle emoji or a free-hand design featuring cruelty-free glitter and gemstones. A quick glance over to the glitter station at one point in the evening saw a queue snaking the stage; it seems everyone required a little sparkle in their lives!

Getting my Sparkle on  © John Millard

Getting my Sparkle on  © John Millard

As glasses were drained, and gift bags were claimed, the evening drew to a natural close – but not without leaving a little sparkle, and a lasting impression. You see, that’s what Laura is like; she leaves a lasting impression, wherever she goes. Last night might have been the launch of the Sparkle Foundation, but from today onwards? The North East is shining that little bit brighter.

Originally posted, here. Written for CRYSTLSD.

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