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LCF alumna launches exciting beauty enterprise, MDMflow

BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science graduate, Florence Adepoju, has set up premium beauty brand, MDMflow, after receiving funding and support from UAL’s SEED and Start-Up schemes.

After graduating last year, Florence went on to be shortlisted for the Stylist x Triumph Makers award. “MDMflow is only 9 months old and to be recognised on a national level so early on has made me feel optimistic for the future,” Florence told LCF News.

“I’ve built MDMflow with the character and colour that I noticed was missing from the luxury brands I have worked with over the years,” Florence said. “At MDMflow we believe classic glamour is outdated and provide young beauty shoppers with a brand that authentically resonates with their views, ethics and lifestyle.”

Florence honed her skills during her 4-year BSc Cosmetic Science at LCF – the only one of its kind in the UK. “I learnt all of the aspects of putting together a cosmetic product – from the chemical and formulary aspects up to packaging and marketing the product,” Florence said.

Florence also completed a year-long Cosmetic Marketing placement in Antwerp, where she had the opportunity to meet skilled formulators and raw material suppliers – who have since gone on to support MDMflow.

Florence credits UAL’s SEED fund as the ‘catalyst’ she needed to develop her ideas into a business. She applied for two rounds of funding and, after providing sufficient evidence that her business was ready for it, was successful in both of her applications.

“It’s more than just the money you receive,” Florence noted. “UAL Seed has been a great help. They have set me up with a mentor who works in corporate asset finance; he really helps in addressing cash flow and putting together a well structured business plan.”

Although still in the relatively early stages of building her business, Florence has grand ambitions for the future. “I want MDMflow to become a household name in the beauty industry, with a full product range.”

MDMflow already has a cult following in the Flanders region of Belgium, featuring on one of Belgium’s top lifestyle blogs,

Thanks, in part, to UAL’s funding and support, MDMflow looks set to take the beauty world by storm. “I would advise anyone in the university that is serious about starting a business to apply,” Florence concluded.

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