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We love College Shop!

Here at Pigeons & Peacocks, we know fashion is far more than frivolity and a frilly dress (although we do like a frilly dress too!). So, with the magazine being stocked it is just as well we were invited to pop along to the launch of London College of Fashion’s hotly anticipated College Shop.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks here’s a quick once-over of what College Shop is about: A launch pad for LCF’s talented alumni, College Shop is situated on Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street. Stock is rotated daily and everything is for sale. Kitted out with all white walls and stark lighting, the ground floor space is reminiscent of a photographer’s studio, with carefully edited pieces ready and waiting on the rails.

One designer being stocked at College Shop is Jennifer Morris, who this year has been nominated for the Scottish Young Designer of the Year. “It’s nice to be recognised,” Jennifer told P&P. “There are so many designers out there.” And recognised she has been, with the Evening Standard raving about a stunning silk gown of hers, which also just so happened to be picked for College Shop’s window display.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Jennifer’s unique ‘tufting’ technique, which features heavily in her AW12 collection. “I wanted to create a form and structure descending into uncontrolled anarchy,” Jennifer explained, referring to the chaotic mix of textures that’s quickly becoming her signature.

Anarchy, it seems, is an underlying current amongst the faces of tomorrow. Political connotations have been attached not only to clothing, but also to jewellery. Souhila Halima, whose intricate designs are inspired by anarchy in the Egyptian revolution, hopes to use fashion as a political statement. On her LCF profile, she asserts that those facing similar issues, in a world of political progress, can find common ground with her collection.

This mantra of being more than ‘just fashion’ also resonates highly with Ada Zanditon, who is perhaps one of the better-known designers to be snapped up by College Shop. Ada was eager to talk to P&P, however it seems her body was not. “I’ve lost my voice,” she whispered, gesticulating to make up for the lack of sound coming from her mouth. Minor glitch aside, Ada is a powerhouse for sustainability – a matter she describes as the main ethos of her brand. “I look to produce pieces that are desirable, but sustainably sourced.”

You see, even though the stock in-store looks amazing and you’ll think you’re in a boutique store, look a little deeper and you’ll find that these unique items are using fashion to challenge, change things and above all, innovate.  Everything on sale will undoubtedly influence the face of things to come. It’s a good job College Shop is hanging around for another two weeks then – it gives you just enough time to nab a piece of fashion (and cultural) history!

Originally posted here, and in Pigeons & Peacocks' printed magazine. Image credit: Katy Davies.

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